Writing is a super power. Just look at the research. It's a way to clear the mind, to make sense of your reality, and figure things out. We should all try to make writing a daily part of our lives. That is what WHWN is about. It's an outlet for your mind. A place to scream into the pillow, just for yourself. It's not for a journal or an article. It's not for anyone to see. It has no agenda. It's simply a place to let your thoughts come and go.

I invite you to start a new habit. Everyday, just write 500 words. With no purpose, no direction. Just write. Whatever comes to mind. It's a stream of consciousness, a brain dump. You'll be surprised where your mind takes you. You'll notice two things. First, you'll be free to write without reason. You don't have to analyze or filter or edit your thoughts. This freedom is what leads to the second benefit. What's going on in that brain of yours. Maybe somethings bothering, maybe life is good, whatever it is, it'll bubble up. Once you're done. Just let it go and start your day.

You don't have to use this app by writing. Get a journal, a notebook, or use your favorite note taking app. THe point is simply to write. Link to commonplace book article?

I must write it all out, at any cost. Writing is thinking. It is more than living, for it is being conscious of living.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh


1. Writing improves your mood.

2. Writing reduces cancer symptoms.

3. Writing increases working memory.

4. Writing promotes reflection.

5. Writing creates your reality.

Inpsired by The Artist's Way.